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Why Did Christianity Leave Torah Teachings

 I think one of the main reasons the Church left Torah Teachings to embrace Greek methodology and logic in their Theology is because of the early persecutions of the Church by the Romans, and also a removal of Jewish Leaders the church had in the 3rd and 4th Century.


Origen, an early 4th Century Teacher was one of the first to come up with a way to Interpret Scripture in a purely Platonic way. His teachings did not catch on with his own era's leaders, he was considered a heretic at worst, and unbalanced Teacher at worst.


If you read Origen today, he sounds very much like Theologians today. He uses Platonic Philosophy to write his letters. What none of his letters mention is that Paul was a Pharisee of Pharisees before becoming a Believer(Acts 23:1-11).


What Origen also does not explain in the writings which we have of him, is his thoughts on why he believed the Church should accept the conceptual ideal of Platonic thought in respect to the Soul, the Spirit, and the Body.


Judaism has been very clear on their teaching that the body is not evil, what is evil is the urges the body gives us. Because of the Word of God and the Matrona or the Holy Spirit in our perspective as the Body of Christ, we are able to overcome this evil urge and follow the precepts the Word of God says we need to do.


I think one of the main reasons for the Church leaving the Torah understandings lie in the fact that the Church accepted the Septuagint as the real written Word of God. Israel of that time frame only accepted the Septuagint as a valid Translation. This is never explained in Bible Colleges, nor in the History of the Christian Church.


Until recently the Septuagint in the Church, with the Latin Vulgate, were considered as the binding originals. No with new evidence that the first Church and the Apostles would have found this untenable, some scholars are beginning to write about and see that Hebrew needs to be explained as the original Scripture language.


In the Church of the 20th Century we are able to read, study, and believe what we want to. This has never happened in the history of the Church. The United States and Canada became Countries founded on Religious Liberty.


I believe that we need to take advantage of the sacrifices our Mothers and Fathers had to endure in order to make us free and look at why the Church does not study as their founder Jesus of Nazareth, and His Disciples would have studied.


Scholars and leading Church people will tell you that the Law is passed away, this is not true, for if it was passed away then it would make Jesus, Paul, and God Himself a liar. It says in no uncertain terms in many Bible passages that Gods Words will never pass away, in this context I am using it means that it is ongoing truth to follow not to set on the shelf as Reformed Theology, Catholic Theology, and Orthodox Theology would tell you.


Dispensationalism, Supercessionism, and most theology comes from a Greek construct of Linear thinking. Was Jesus a linear thinker, was Paul, was Peter or the other Apostles? I have to believe they were not. Linear thinking is not a Judaic concept but a Platonic one. 


I do not believe that Christians need to join Judaism because we broke from the Pharisees long ago, but I believe we need to follow the basis for why we are Christians.


Judaism and Christianity has the exact same basis. We do have separate paths, like most brothers do, but we are the same in more ways than we are separate. The Jews are not greater than the Church in Gods eyes, just as the Church is not greater in Gods eyes, we are equal. We need to realize this and stand with one another. 


Every Believer in Messiah needs to dig into what I am saying and become a real Disciple, do not leave your salvation and understanding to others and accept a second or third hand revelation, get a first hand revelation of who Jesus was, who the Apostles were, and how they thought. 


The Church is slowly going back to Torah Principles because without them the Church cannot stand in this World of unbelief.  






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